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Now anyone can have professional quality lighting that sets up quickly, is easy to operate and is economical.

Our 'Show To Go' packages come complete with LED PAR lighting fixtures, heavy duty stands, cabling and a control surface ready to use with a preset selection of colors and scenes to make your show look as good as your music sounds.

With no special power requirements, our packages will work anywhere you have a standard electrical outlet and with no need to understand DMX programming, even a complete novice can hit the ground running.

Whether your are going out on tour, staging an outdoor music festival, sourcing a theatrical production or just playing a one night stand at your local club, we have a wide range of lighting fixtures to choose from.

We select gear based on it's performance and durability so that your event comes off without a hitch.

Headlite is here to help you in choosing the right gear for your needs whether it is intelligent DMX controlled lighting to a rack of conventional PAR lamps we probably have what you need in our inventory.

Not every venue is equipped with a place to hang your fixtures. That's where we come in.

We offer a selection of durable and heavy duty lighting stands that will work with just about any size stage.

Whether you need an off the shelf 4 fixture lighting tree or a custom built truss, we can offer you a solution to meet your needs.

Let us know what your a looking for and we will sort it out.

Today's intelligent fixtures allow you to create breathtaking aerial effects but without a little haze in the air, it's 'just' light.

We carry a range of effects from hazers and fog machines to razor sharp pin spots, strobes and audience blinders.

If there is something in your head that you want to create, talk to us and we will see what we can do to punch up your next gig!

It all comes together at the console.

We select our gear based on ease of use and flexibility to give you the tools you need to control your lighting whether you are using conventional PAR cans or multichannel intelligent moving fixtures.

If all you need an add on expansion wing for your existing console, dimmer packs for your conventional fixtures or require a full on front of house solution, we can offer up something to meet your needs.