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Martin Lighting have raised the bar for lighting consoles with the M

Touch control surface.

A plug and play control desk it is fully compatible with the M-PC lighting control software or can be used as an expansion wing with full size Martin M-series consoles.

14 touch faders allow control of playbacks and fixture parameters while 20 velocity-controlled pads allow for new types of effects. Additional programming buttons such as Record, Edit, Update, Load and Clear are accessible directly from the M-Touch control panel.


Martin M-Touch comes with one DMX 512 Universe for direct control of any compatible DMX device expandable up to 65,000 channels.






If you are running your own lighting control software, the Enttec Shortcut Wing is the ideal add-on control surface.


Featuring a fast Ethernet connection, customizable layout and a high-quality it is compatible with D-PRO, Lightfactory, Freestyler 3 and GrandMa on PC, Hog2PC thru MidiWing.

Page up and down keys allow you to configure multiple banks of the 60 MX Cherry keys providing more scene options than you will probably ever need.

The Shortcut Wing is the chosen control surface for our iMac based Chameleon Lighting control package.






The iMac native Chameleon Lighting Control Software has been our in house production workhorse solution since day 1. We worked with the UK based authors to integrate the package to the Enttec Shortcut Wing to have a powerful control solution exclusive to HeadLite.

Ideal medium to large rigs of both conventional and LED fixtures, the learning curve is fast allowing your to build your own show files quickly or it can be hired preloaded with a show file specific to your requirements.

The rental package includes the Enttec Shortcut Wing, Chameleon Software, an iMac and a DMX USB-2 interface for both DMX and RDM control.


















The ADJ DMX Operator 384 control surface is an easy to use, entry level console for use with LED fixtures which offers both DMX and Midi control.

It will control up to 384 channels of DMX, and it features 30 programmable scene banks (240 total programmable scenes), 12 programmable chases and an assignable joystick.

When rented as part of our Show To Go packages, it comes pre-programmed with 16 different color scenes and 4 chases and can be operated by just about anyone with no need to understand DMX programming.


The Chauvet C2 Foot Controller is a robust DMX controller that is the heart and soul of our Show To Go Solo rental package.

It's heavy duty aluminum construction and sturdy stomp buttons means it will stand up to frequent steps.

If comes pre-programmed with 12 different color scenes and can be rented on it's own or as part of our Solo package.


Keep those cables neat and tidy. The DPC-08 distro panel lets you run all of your show to go power connections from one electrical outlet

Far safer than extension cords and with built in surge protection, it is a perfect power distribution solution for up to 8 required electrical leads.

Comes flight cased.


If you are running a large set up of conventional PAR lighting you are going to need some hefty dimming technology.

The Zero 88 Betapack2 Dimming Packs are high quality professional six channel power controllers capable of driving up to 10 Amps of lighting loads per channel. Channel protection  is via breakers and fuses.


Lighting loads may be resistive or inductive and include tungsten, transformer driven low voltage (eg. pinspots), and quartz halogen.